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Single Origin Brazil

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Single Origin Brazil Light-Medium roast profile and cupping notes: Molasses, Dried Cherry, Chocolate, and Almond

Why we love it: This exclusive variety works well in all brewing applications. The sweetness makes Brazil our go-to for our famous Armor cold brew, while the creaminess also results in an approachable espresso. 

Impact: Our Single Origin Brazil champions coffee communities by backing producers' community initiatives and farm-level endeavors. Our partnered producers belong to the esteemed Cerrado Coffee Growers Federation, adhere to Brazilian labor laws through a signed statement of good practices, and ensure post-harvest storage in accredited warehouses, all to bring you a delightful and ethically-sourced coffee experience.

Grower: Parceiros do Café
Variety: Catuai
Process: Natural
Region: Cerrado Mineiro, Brazil
Elevation: 1100MASL

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