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Vivid - Bright Blend

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Cupping Notes: Hazelnut, Caramel, and Raspberry

Roast Profile: Light

Vivid is an absolute sweetheart blend and we are in LOVE with this one. It is a distinctive, rotating blend of our nicest coffees, The Central American components bring chocolate, praline and creamy body, while the East African component adds jasmine aroma and berry sweetness. Combined, they produce a sweet and clean cup to please the most discerning drinker. Excels in pour-over or drip, and absolutely stunning as a lighter roast.  Currently Vivid combines washed Guatemalan and naturally processed Ethiopian coffees.


This blend consists of coffees that are vetted for alignment with our sustainable buying principles. By purchasing this blend, you can be confident that we paid the producers an equitable price that supports a living income, provides producers with long-term demand and price stability, and that further investments are being made in these coffee-growing communities

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